Clark —  July 29, 2013


It’s no secret that dressing well is a great way to attract, show off your status, and potentially land a hot date. But how significant is the “well-dressed” advantage?

Does it matter to women as much as looks matter to men?

A four-month long international survey set out to find out by going to the most judgmental community on the Internet: OKCupid.  This observational survey illuminates how women respond to tailored suits, and quantifies what this means for men who want to attract their next girlfriend, hookup, or soul mate.


The survey set up 10 fake OKCupid profiles.  The profiles were set up using four different variations.  Two models were photographed in two different suits, one tailored to their own measurements and the other in a slightly oversized off-the-rack suit.  The profiles all used the same profile content word for word, with similar usernames.

Max fit unfit

John fit unfit


We then placed the unfit and fitted option in 5 cities across the globe. Over four months these dormant profiles received profile views, pokes, and messages from women from all spans of the social spectrum.


The Results


Before we go through the big reveal we should note that most men are very unlikely to receive any comment, poke or indication of interest initiated by women on an online dating site. In one study, which included 6 male and 6 female profiles, only one man received a message while each woman received at least one message.



We weren’t surprised that the fitted men received more attention; we were surprised just how much more.

In London, the home of custom tailoring, donning a fitted suit won just over three times the number of times they were “checked out” when compared to the off-the-rack numbers. Overall the figures were a bit flat in the overall interactions at just 1.2x.  This may be a “too good looking to message” effect, but there was no way for us to dig into the discrepancy.

Overall, London turned out to be our lowest scoring overall despite the number of profile views it received.  Seattle scored #1 overall.


Across the world fitted suits received more attention than their baggy counterparts with no exceptions. They were 2.3 times more likely to get checked out, 4 times as likely to be “chosen” and given “hot status” twice as frequently.  (Hot Status is an OKCupid term which significantly increases the number of attractive profiles you can view; it’s automated via an algorithm.)

When combining all the positive metrics the fitted suits blew us out of the water with 292% of the marks scored when compared to off-the-rack.

So in which cities should men take particular care of their looks?  Without further ado, here’s the list:

The Top Cities where Dressing Well Matters


Seattle surprisingly had six times the number of interactions vs it’s off-the-rack counterpart.  From there, NYC, LA, Boston and London had 3.7x, 2.0x, 1.8x and 1.2x the number of interactions compared to their unfitted  counterparts.

These findings were the result of a four month survey conducted by Arden Reed, a New York custom menswear company.  Arden Reed provides the perfect fit by measuring men in their Tailor Truck complete with 3D Scanner.  All Arden Reed suits are backed by a 100% Perfect Fit Guarantee.

The cities were ranked based on the multiplier between off the rack and their tailored counterparts on OKCupid.  The survey lasted four months.

“Men have no idea how much being well dressed has an effect on how they’re perceived,” said Carlos Solorio, Co-Founder of Arden Reed. “That’s why we built Arden Reed, so that men can present their best selves as effortlessly as possible.”

About Arden Reed

Arden Reed is a New York Menswear Company making it effortlessly simple to become the best-dressed man in the room.  Arden Reed customers can send in their measurements online or through Arden Reed’s Tailor Truck with 3D Scanner and get a suit produced to their custom measurements.  Delivery takes only 4-6 weeks and is backed with a Perfect Fit Guarantee.

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